Membership Information

Studio 20 offers a wide variety of membership options designed to fit your

schedule and budget. From a short-term trial membership to an all-inclusive package,

you're sure to find the best plan for you.

Package details

 +Package Details  Pricing
Daily £5

 Full gym usage for one session 

(subject to having completed an induction)


Weekly £15 Unlimited gym access for a 7 day period including induction   £15.00


pay-as-you-go £22

A reduced monthly membership fee which includes full induction and then pay just £1 per visit



Monthly unlimited £33 A pay monthly plan which includes full induction and unlimited gym usage   £33.00

6 month membership


A 6 month gym package including:

*unlimited gym usage

*full induction


Annual membership


An annual package that includes

*unlimited visits

*full induction


Annual membership standing order





Pay monthly standing order for the following benefits

*unlimited visits

*full induction

*1 weekly fitness class


no class included



12 x £35




12 x £28


£15 + £1



Gym usage for young people

entrance just £1 per visit with monthly fee

(subject to having completed an induction)

14 - 19 years - any time usage

£21 or






Other charges  
Induction   £5
Fitness Classes   £3-£6
Personalised programme   £10
One to One personal training (per hour)     


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