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We're a very friendly bunch here at Studio 20, from Shaun the owner, Jo, Jane and Leanne on reception and all the super dedicated fitness professionals we're here to encourage and support you every step of the way. The trainers are certified fitness professionals, as well as being genuinely friendly and helpful. They're available to assist you in all aspects of your training programme. Their personal, friendly approach always ensures you'll receive the attention and customised exercise programmes you have come to expect from your local gym.

Shaun Kennard

Boss Man.


Fully paid up and qualified fitness and training professional.  After 10 + years of service and dedication to studio 20 I have become the man in charge and an even bigger part of the furniture.




Spin Doctor 


FAVOURITE SUPERHERO: (spiderman) Peter Parker rocks!!!



with children and carb loading for the week ahead



Rope swings and my wife



Joanne Walker

A huge well done to Joanne for bringing home the Muddy Stiletto Award. Click the link for all information about this prestigious award.


Jo is beyond professional, after 25+ years of helping people look and feel better - Jo eats sleeps and breaths fitness... oh and she takes no prisoners!




Head instructor




SUNDAYS ARE SPENT: recharging my battery for the week ahead and spending time with my family, also eating whatever I fancy, safe in the knowledge that it's all going to burn off next week



Seeing grown men close to tears during an ab workout, and toast with butter so thick you can see your teeth marks





Jane Calvert

The smiley face of studio 20, making sure everyone receives a warm welcome and gets the information and support they require whilst keeping a watchful eye over the boys to make sure they're cleaning properly!




The Organiser





watching Emmerdale omnibus in bed



Lambrini, cause the bubbles make my nose tickle



New to the team, Rosie Beecham.

With years of experience she produces the perfect spray tan every time in a range of shades to suit you. 

Why not take your tan to the next level and try and go for full body contouring and get the abs you have always dreamed of. If you are thinking of competing/bodybuilding then she has the perfect tan for you.

Recently passing her level 3 in sports massage therapy. and becoming insured to put your body through the ultimate healing process and and improve overall performance and prevent injury to give you added strength and flexibility during your fitness regime.


Favourite superhero

Harley Quinn


Spends Sundays

Chilling with the husband and children, or curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a good box set, complete  bliss.


Guilty Pleasures

Now that would be telling.

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